Tutorials - Coaching & Mentoring

What is Coaching? To me, this quote from J Whitmore really sums up coaching…

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

A coaching conversation would be along the lines of “What do you think?” Vs What do I know?

The difference between Coaching and Mentoring: A mentoring relationship usually focuses on the future, career development and broadening an individual’s horizons and long term plans, while coaching tends to focus more on the here and now and solving immediate challenges or issues.

Why should I look at Coaching or Mentoring for my Team? Owners of hospitality businesses can sometimes find it difficult to get their staff to attend leadership courses due to time constraints, rostering issues and “apathy” so one on one coaching or mentoring can be a great way around this challenge.

Some of the benefits of one-on-one coaching or mentoring include:

  • A focused approach on what the individual team member needs
  • A chance for more introverted team members to have their say
  • Flexible timings to suit your rosters and staffing requirements
  • Great value for money as the sessions are conducted on site and within your timeframe
  • A neutral and impartial outside voice to listen and provide encouragement and support with ideas
  • Staff feel empowered and they can see that the business is willing to invest in their skills and development
  • A great follow up for team members who attend workshops to ensure learning has been cemented and challenges have been overcome
One of the most unique and influential aspects of Marg is that she connects with people so well; with her charismatic personality, ability to listen and instantly create strong rapport with a wide variety of people.- Sujan Pokhrel, Farro Fresh, Auckland