Welcome to Turning Tables

A professional approach to Hospitality Training and Coaching

Do you lack the time but not the inclination to do staff training in your business?

Have plenty of ideas and systems to utilise but not the hours in the day to get them across to key members of your team?

Turning Tables is a hospitality focused training and coaching service which aims to help you with your in-house staff training needs and therefore giving you back those precious hours to spend on your business (or yourself!!).

By providing the training on-site you can combine with the staffs regular shifts which keeps costs down and also ensures good attendance = maximum benefits to you.

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Benefits to your business in using Turning Tables

  • Increase in staff knowledge – ability to upsell – increased profit
  • Increase in staff skills – better customer perception – increase in repeat business
  • Reduction in waste and breakages – reduced costs
  • Increased staff retention – reduced recruitment costs
  • Good word of mouth about opportunities in your business – become a preferred place to work – easier to recruit staff
  • Free up your time – more hours for you to spend on planning, marketing etc – grow your business